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What is the EZ-sensor What is the EZ-sensor™?
EZ-sensor™ (PROGRAMMABLE TPMS) is the first truly programmable and patented Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensor which has been designed with the goal of replacing 90% of the TPMS sensors currently stocked by the dealer. There are over 150 SKU's of tire sensors fitted to North American vehicles and the repair task has become ever more complex as a result. EZ-sensor™ simplifies the TPMS replacement process, dramatically reduces the costs of inventory, and avoids those lost sales.
Schrader have based the design on their patented programming technology and proven Snap-In valve design and arranged for the programming software to be available on market-leading TPMS tools including the Schrader 21230 tool and the Bartec TECH400, among others. This means that for the majority of customers no extra investment in new tools is required and programming the EZ-sensor™ programmable sensors is seamless with their current processes.

EZ-sensor™ - FAST, EASY-TO-USE TPMS from the global TPMS leader

Welcome to the EZ-sensor™ website. Designed to avoid lost sales by replacing 90% of current TPMS sensors stocked by dealers. Contact us for more information, pricing, and detailed coverage now available.

  • One EZ-sensor™ for all available Makes & Models
  • Patented Snap-In Design & Programming Technology
  • Quick & Precisely Accurate Programming
  • Rapid Process Turnaround
  • Reduced Inventory Levels
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What is the EZ-sensor