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Tire Inflation Safety and TPMS Rubber Manufacturers Association Statistics
  • 63% of motorists cite checking tire pressure as a top fuel saving tip.
    25% of motorists attribute the aftermath of the 2005 hurricane season for an increased
    awareness of the relationship between fuel economy and tire pressure.
    Only 19 percent of drivers properly check their tire inflation pressure. has more info
  • To properly check tire inflation pressure:
    o Check tire inflation pressure at least once a month
    o Use the correct inflation pressure recommended by the vehicle manufacturer, not
    the pressure listed on the tire sidewall
    o Check tires when they are cold or haven’t been driven for at least three hours
      More than half of drivers -- 53 percent -- wrongly believe that the correct inflation
    pressure is printed on the tire sidewall.
      28 percent of drivers wrongly believe that the best time to check their tires is when they
    are warm after being driven for at least a few miles.
      31% of drivers don’t know how to tell if their tires are bald.
      73 percent of drivers do not check the tire pressure in their spare tire.*
      Each month, three out of four drivers wash their cars while only one out of seven
    correctly checks their tire pressure. **
  • Federal Government Statistics
      NHTSA estimates more than 23,000 tow away crashes were due to blow outs or flat tires.
    (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, August 2001)
      Under inflated tires are attributed to crashes that result in 660 fatalities and 33,000
    injuries each year. (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, September 2004)
      27 percent of passenger cars and 32 percent of light trucks have at least one significantly
    under inflated tire.
Tire Inflation Safety and TPMS