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BorgWarner BERU Systems Tire Safety System Enhances Safety in the VW Passat BorgWarner BERU Systems direct-measuring Tire Safety System (TSS) alerts drivers of the new VW Passat to low tire pressure, contributing to increased safety as well as better fuel economy. Featuring a new slim design, the third generation TSS is standard equipment in production models sold in the U.S. and is available as an option in Europe. Beginning in 2014, tire pressure monitoring systems will become mandatory on new vehicles throughout the European Union.

"Low tire pressure can be dangerous. Braking distance is longer, and the car's lane-holding capacity deteriorates, potentially causing a driver to lose control of the vehicle. In addition, if tire pressure is too low, fuel consumption rises," said Brady Ericson, President and General Manager, BorgWarner BERU Systems and Emission Systems. "Our Tire Safety System measures pressure and temperature at each wheel, alerting the driver to gradual or sudden loss of pressure and identifying the affected tire, all from the dashboard display."

According to a study by the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) in cooperation with tire manufacturer Bridgestone, about 2.11 billion gallons (8 billion liters) of fuel are wasted worldwide each year due to underinflated tires, corresponding to an added 18.4 million tons of CO2 pollution. These same experts estimate a loss in tire pressure of as little as 0.6 bar increases fuel consumption about 4 percent and decreases the life of the tire by up to 45 percent.
BorgWarner BERU Systems third generation TSS consists of a compact control unit with an integrated antenna and four wheel electronic units. The system measures the central pressure and temperature of each tire. Through signal strength analysis from the antenna, TSS detects the position of each wheel and informs the driver of a deviation of as little as 0.2 bar from the specified tire pressure. Local antenna placement offers vehicle makers more flexibility under the hood, and with just half of the components of the previous model, the new slim design is also more cost effective. The BorgWarner BERU Systems TSS provides high accuracy, responds more quickly and offers greater protection from interfering signals.

About BorgWarner
Auburn Hills, Michigan-based BorgWarner Inc. (NYSE: BWA) is a technology leader in highly engineered components and systems for powertrain applications worldwide. Operating manufacturing and technical facilities in 59 locations in 19 countries, thecompany develops products to improve fuel economy, reduce emissions and enhance performance. Customers include VW/Audi, Ford, Toyota, Renault/Nissan,General MotorsHyundai/Kia, Daimler, Chrysler, Fiat, BMWHondaJohn DeerePSA, and MAN. For more information, please visit
The BorgWarner BERU Systems Tire Safety System (TSS) alerts drivers of the new VW Passat when tire pressure is too low. Maintaining proper tire pressure helps enhance safety and improves fuel economy. (Vehicle photo courtesy of United Pictures)

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BorgWarner BERU Systems Tire Safety System Enhances Safety in the VW Passat